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France, United States

Mulholland Dr. 2001

Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Along Mulholland Drive above Los Angeles, an attractive brunette woman (Laura Harring) rides in a limousine. Suddenly...

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2h 27min
English, Spanish, French
Along Mulholland Drive above Los Angeles, an attractive brunette woman (Laura Harring) rides in a limousine. Suddenly, the driver stops and orders her out of the car at gunpoint. Before she can exit, a car driven by joy-riding teenagers plows into the limo. The drivers are killed but the woman emerges from the wreck. In a daze, she stumbles down the hillside and into Hollywood. She falls asleep in the bushes in front of a luxury apartment complex from the golden era of Hollywood. The next morning, she sneaks into one of the apartments as its tenant, Ruth Elms (Maya Bond), leaves by taxi with her luggage. Meanwhile, two police detectives (Brent Briscoe and Robert Forster) find an earring at the scene of the accident and realize that someone may have survived the crash. They begin their search.At a Winkies restaurant, Dan (Patrick Fischler) tells Herb (Michael Cooke) about a frightening dream he has had involving an evil entity living in the alley behind the restaurant. Herb insists they investigate. As they reach the alley, a crone with blackened skin lurches out at Dan, who collapses.Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) arrives in Los Angeles from Deep River, Ontario. At the airport, she explains to an elderly couple she met on her flight that she hopes to make it big as an actress. Her Aunt Ruth is allowing Betty to stay in her apartment while she is away filming in Canada. When Betty arrives at Ruths apartment building, Coco Lenoix (Ann Miller), the friendly landlady, greets her and lets her in. Exploring the apartment, Betty finds the brunette cowering in the shower and assumes the woman is a friend of her aunts. The unknown woman is dazed and confused and just wants to sleep. She explains that she had a car accident. Inspired by a Gilda movie poster hanging up in the bathroom, she takes the name Rita but admits she doesnt remember who she really is. Betty and Rita open Ritas purse and find thousands of dollars and a bizarre blue key. They hide these objects in a hat box and decide to solve the mystery of Ritas identity together.Filmmaker Adam Kesher (Justin Theroux) is in a meeting downtown with his agent, two producers and the thuggish Castigliane brothers (Dan Hedaya and Angelo Badalamenti). The brothers show the filmmakers a headshot for an actress named Camilla Rhodes (Melissa George) and order Adam to cast her as the lead in his new film. Adam refuses to let the brothers override his authority as the films director and angrily leaves the meeting, smashing the brothers limousine with his golf club before speeding away in his Porsche. He arrives home to find his wife Lorraine (Lori Heuring) in bed with the pool cleaner Gene (Billy Ray Cyrus). Adam retaliates by pouring pink paint over all of Lorraines jewelry. The three tussle and the muscular pool man throws Adam out. Later, some goons sent by the Castiglianes appear at the house, looking for Adam. One of them beats up the wife and the pool man. Meanwhile, Adam hides out in a low rent motel downtown. The proprietor, Cookie (Geno Silva), tells Alex that bankers called him to say that Adam was broke, a fact that Adams assistant Cynthia (Katharine Towne) confirms. She also tells Adam that "The Cowboy" (Lafayette Montgomery) wants to meet with him at a corral in Beachwood Canyon. At their meeting, the Cowboy tells Adam he must cast Camilla Rhodes as the lead actress. "Youll see me one more time if you do good, and two more times if you do bad," he warns.In another downtown office, Joe, a hit man (Mark Pellegrino), kills an acquaintance in order to confiscate a black address book. Because of his incompetence, he winds up having to kill two other people-- a lady who sells mail order diet aids in the next office (Diane Nelson) and a janitor (Charles Croughwell) whose vacuum cleaner shorts, setting off the fire alarm. Later, at Pinks on Melrose and La Brea, Joe tells a prostitute (Rena Riffel) to be on the lookout for a brunette woman who recently went missing and may have ended up on the

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