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Klei Entertainment
Invisible, Inc - v1.2
Adventure, Indie, Strategy, Tactical
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Linux, Mac, iOS, PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Switch
"Take control of Invisible’s agents in the field and infiltrate the world’s most dangerous corporations. Stealth, pre...
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File Size:
Release Date:
May 12, 2015
The Minimum Requirement:

 Operating system: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 Processor: 2.0+ GHz Dual Core or better Memory: 2 GB Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c Free space on hard disk: 1.5 GB

Take over the leadership of Invisible agents and take root in the most dangerous corporations in the world. Sneakiness, accuracy and teamwork - that’s what matters most in super-profitable high-stakes missions, where every step can cost an agent of life. Klei Entertainment, independent studio, developer of hits Mark of the Ninja and Do not Starve, presents the game Invisible, Inc.

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